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Since 1993, The Laurel Foundation has provided year round educational and support programs to at-risk children, youth, and families. Through our Camp Laurel and Camp Mulberry resident programs, life enhancement workshops, support groups, collaborations and various year round support programs, The Laurel Foundation is a powerful antidote to the challenges that at-risk youth face (populations served are youth affected by HIV/AIDS, transgender and gender diverse youth, and other at-risk youth populations). Our programs empower each participant to overcome the adversities they face and embrace their most authentic selves.


Programs for Children, Youth, and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS

  • The Laurel Foundation has served children affected by HIV/AIDS for 30 years.

    Through Camp Laurel’s residential camps and day events, The Laurel Foundation works to increase each child’s self-esteem and empowers them through the development of important life skills needed to build independent, successful and healthy lives. For more information on our Camp Laurel programs, please click here.
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Programs for transgender/gender diverse youth and families

  • Programs for transgender/gender diverse youth 6-17.

    Camp Mulberry provides campers an opportunity to enjoy traditional camp activities (archery, swimming, and kayaking), while being surrounded by peers who understand their unique experiences as transgender/gender diverse youth. Camp Mulberry is an inclusive, gender affirming community where campers meet adult mentors and role models and create a positive self-identity. For more information on our Camp Mulberry programs, please click here.

Click here for Transgender/Gender Diverse Learning Resources or for Support and Resources

In Their Own Words

"There are a lot of camps out there, but there is no camp like Camp Laurel."


"Camp Laurel is the best place to be when home isn't."


"I keep coming back because this is where my family is."


"At first I was scared, but then I learned that no one was going to judge me here and I loved it."


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