The Laurel Foundation is a wonderful organization dedicated to serving at-risk youth, including children, youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS, and transgender youth. Their tireless efforts to provide support and resources to these vulnerable communities have been widely recognized and admired. As the foundation continues its important work, many people around the country want to know What Are the Winning Numbers for the $650M Powerball Drawing on Monday, and Where Can I Find Live Results? People are trying to find the winning numbers and real-time results to see if they are lucky winners and if they can help the Laurel Foundation with their winnings. As anticipation grows for the lottery result, it’s important to remember the significant impact that organizations like The Laurel Foundation have on the lives of those in need, providing hope and support to vulnerable youth.


About Us

Population Served

Population Served

The Laurel Foundation serves transgender / gender-diverse youth, and children, youth, and families affected by HIV/AIDS.



The mission of The Laurel Foundation is to improve the well-being of transgender/gender-diverse youth, and children, youth, and families affected by HIV/AIDS,  through year-round mental health, social support, educational and youth development programs. Our programs empower the youth in a safe and trusting environment where they can live authentically.



The Laurel Foundation is a registered, non-profit organization founded in 1992 by Margot Andrew-Anderson to fill the urgent need for mental health and social support programs that cater to the physical and emotional needs of transgender / gender-diverse youth, and children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS.


The Laurel Foundation is a comprehensive provider of educational and support programs for children, youth and families living with HIV/AIDS, transgender youth and other at-risk youth populations. We serve over 500 low-income, at-risk participants annually.

The Laurel Foundation’s programs tackle the emotional and social challenges at-risk children and youth face by constructing environments that support the mental and physical welfare of the participants. Our programs give participants the tools to build self-sufficient, productive, healthy lives.

  • Health

    To improve mental and physical health through various year round educational and support programs

  • Education

    Educate youth on the consequences of at-risk behaviors while at the same time providing the knowledge on how to make healthy life choices

  • Life Skills

    Develop the skills and qualities necessary to build an independent, successful, self-sufficient life path

  • Balance and Compasion

    Introduce balance and compassion into participants lives by impelling them into experiences that show they can rise above the adversities they face, make more of their lives than they thought possible, and learn to serve others with their strength

Who We Are

Board Members

Mark Moralez (he/him)
Chair of the Board

The Printing Palace CEO

Luis Gonzalez (he/him)

Managing Partner - DirectedLink

Mischa Haramia (she/her)

Henderson Engineers Entertainment Practice Director

Margot Anderson (she/her)

Founder / CEO
The Laurel Foundation

Jordan Held, LCSW (he/him)
Program Development

LCSW - Relentless Pursuit Therapy & Consulting

Sam S. Leslie (he/him)
Resource Development

LEA Accountancy LLP Managing Partner

Dr. Shindale Seale (she/her)

CEO- SEADE Coaching & Consulting LLC

Natalie Sofer (She/Her)
Resource Development

Owner- Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

Lisa Stangl, (she/her)
Medical Director

HIV Specialist - UCSD Mother, Child and Adult HIV Program


Margot Anderson (she/her)

Founder / CEO

Eliot Dowens (he/him)

Director of Volunteers

Samantha Gunther (she/her)
Vol. Admin./Events

Volunteer Admin/Events

Heidi Tripp, RN (she/her)

Medical Director

Lorenzo Diaz (he/him)
(Kidney Bean)

Camp Director

Daniella Alavi-O’Fahy (they/she)

Head Staff- Camp Mulberry

Chelsea Alvarez (she/her)

Head Counselor - Camp Laurel

Daniel Tadeo (he/him)

Head Counselor - Camp Laurel

Jordan Held (he/him)
(Mr. Mermazing)

Mental Health Director
Camp Mulberry

Kaylie Murphy (she/her)
(Love Bug)

Head Counselor - Camp Mulberry

Ally Roach (they/them)

Program Director/Camp Mulberry

Jessica Eddings(she/her)

Mental Health Team / Camp Laurel

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