Volunteer Programs

Resident Camp Programs

  • Summer Session: August 7-14, 2021

    The programming, while catering to the fragile physical and mental health of the children and youth, working to increase each participant’s self-esteem while empowering them to develop the important life skills needed to build independent, successful and healthy lives. During the program, peer support groups are formed that last long after the camp program is finished. Campers experience exciting activities such as high ropes, low ropes, archery, cooking, photography and so much more!

    TRAINING DATES: June 26 & 27

    Contact Lisa Hardiman our Volunteer Administrator for more information on how to get involved!

Day Events – Volunteer Opportunities

  • Throughout the year, The Laurel Foundation hosts various DAY EVENT programs for the children and their families such as our Halloween Party, Holiday party, Back to School Event and more.

    Stay tuned for upcoming day events!

    Contact Lisa Hardiman our Volunteer Administrator to get more information!

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