Volunteer Programs

  • Summer Session: August 7-13, 2022

    The Laurel Foundation’s Camp Mulberry is the nation’s first free resident camp program specifically for transgender youth ages 6-17. The program is based on traditional camp programs, yet caters to the unique mental and physical health of transgender and gender diverse youth. Camp Mulberry’s program empowers transgender youth in an a gender affirming environment, filled with volunteer role models. Our mission driven program seeks to grow our youth into confident and independent young adults!

    TRAINING DATES: July 9-10, 2022

    For more information on how to volunteer for future Camp Mulberry sessions, or other programs at The Laurel Foundation, contact us or call 626-683-0800 for more details!

Day Events – Volunteer Opportunities

  • Throughout the year, The Laurel Foundation hosts various DAY EVENT programs for the children and their families such as our Halloween Party, Holiday party, Back to School Event and more.

    Stay tuned for upcoming day events!

    Contact Lisa Hardiman our Volunteer Coordinator to get more information!

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