Camp Laurel’s family camp program not only provides families with a unique opportunity to come together and create lasting memories, but also offers a safe haven away from the stress and isolation associated with HIV/AIDS. To preserve and expand the incredible experience offered by Camp Laurel, the program has embraced the innovations of the digital age by partnering with a Japanese online casino that accepts bitcoin and collecting donations from caring players. With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, this collaboration has allowed philanthropists and supporters around the world to seamlessly contribute to keep the camps running. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, Camp Laurel has not only ensured its longevity, but also demonstrated its ability to adapt to change, just like the families it serves. The donation from the Japanese オンラインカジノ ビットコイン symbolizes the camp’s commitment to evolving with the times, providing hope, joy, and support to families affected by HIV/AIDS for years to come.

Camp Laurel

Camp Programs

  • Teen Adventure Camp 2024: JULY 27 - AUGUST 1

    This year Camp Laurel’s Summer Camp is for ages 13-17 and will be a bit different than years past. We are calling it TEEN ADVENTURE CAMP. This week-long residential camp will house the youth on the college campus of Cal. State Northridge and focus on teaching theh youth leadership skills and introducing them to various career paths. Housed in the campus dorms in cabin groups with counselors, each day the youth will venture out to visit a company or organization in Los Angeles and have a project to complete. Example could be: a trip to a sound studio, where the youth are taught how to produce a public service announcement, record it, edit it and at the end of the day walk away with a finished recording, or a working studio, and learn how to write a script, act, do hair and make-up and shot a reel, or learn to surf, or help plant trees with Tree People in Los Angeles and learn the importance of giving back to the community. In the evenings we have fund activities planned on campus and then have suport groups with the youth facilitated by licenced social workers. These are just samples of this amazing leadership camp, specifically for youth 13-17 who are immediately affected by HIV/AIDS.

    Campers who are affected by HIV will need a physical within 1 year of camp. Campers who are HIV+ will need a physical within 6 months of camp. ALL campers will need to have a TB test done within 1 year of camp. Camp Health Management

    APPLICATION LINK for those who have attended camp before. If you are not in our database please contact us or call 626-683-0800 for more information or to get set up in our system. This camp will fill up quickly.

  • Family Camp 2024: FALL - DATE COMING SOON

    Camp Laurel’s Family Camp program offers a unique opportunity for families to come together away from the stresses and isolation associated with HIV/AIDS. Parents with their children are welcome to participate together! Based on the belief that families play an essential role in the emotional, physical and social development of children, this program focuses on strengthening the family unit, while creating an environment that helps to foster peer support groups. This year, family camp will be a unique experience in-person. Join us and be a part of the magic! The program is for children 3-17 immediately affected by HIV/AIDS and their parents / legal guardians. Participants are placed in cabin groups by gender identity and age. For more information on how to apply contact our Outreach Coordinator or call 626-683-0800.

Day Programs

  • We will hold in-person events safely and with any necessary modifications. Please contact our Outreach Coordinator to RSVP.

  • Holiday Party 2024: December 8th

    Our annual Holiday Party is a beloved tradition where families can get together to enjoy holiday crafts and activities, play games and win prizes, and receive gifts for the children in their family. Last year our holiday party was a really big hit and made sure that all the safety protocols were being performed to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and families. For more information on this event reach out to our Outreach Coordinator.

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PAC Partnership

    The Laurel Foundation is proud to partner with PAC of UCLA to better serve our youth. PAC hosts day camp mentorships, beach days, tutoring sessions, life skills retreats, and many more activities to help our youth and children grow and become the leaders of tomorrow. Mentors from UCLA will lead youth through fun activities that strengthen friendship bonds, improve mental health, and improve self esteem! What is PAC?

    PAC put together amazing Youtube videos designed to keep kids and families active, creative, and positive. Check out their videos here!

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