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Population Served

Population Served

The Laurel Foundation serves children, youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS, transgender youth and other at-risk youth populations.



The mission of The Laurel Foundation is to empower children, youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS, transgender and gender diverse youth through educational and support programs in a safe and trusting environment.



The Laurel Foundation is a registered, non-profit organization founded in 1992 by Margot Andrew-Anderson to fill the urgent need for programmed activities that catered to the physical and emotional needs of children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS, transgender and other at-risk youth populations.


The Laurel Foundation is a comprehensive provider of educational and support programs for children, youth and families living with HIV/AIDS, transgender youth and other at-risk youth populations. We serve over 500 low-income, at-risk participants annually.

The Laurel Foundation’s programs tackle the emotional and social challenges at-risk children and youth face by constructing environments that support the mental and physical welfare of the participants. Our programs give participants the tools to build self-sufficient, productive, healthy lives.

  • Health

    To improve mental and physical health through various year round educational and support programs

  • Education

    Educate youth on the consequences of at-risk behaviors while at the same time providing the knowledge on how to make healthy life choices

  • Life Skills

    Develop the skills and qualities necessary to build an independent, successful, self-sufficient life path

  • Balance and Compasion

    Introduce balance and compassion into participants lives by impelling them into experiences that show they can rise above the adversities they face, make more of their lives than they thought possible, and learn to serve others with their strength

Who We Are

Board Members

Sam S. Leslie (he/him)
Chair of the Board

Managing Partner
LEA Accountancy LLP

Brandon Mosley (he/him)

Strategy Manager - Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc.

Margot Anderson (she/her)

Founder / CEO
The Laurel Foundation

Imtiaz Dadabhoy (he/him)
Resource Development

Branch Sales Manager, Wells Fargo Bank

Lisa Stangl, (she/her)
Medical Director

HIV Specialist - UCSD Mother, Child and Adult HIV Program

Javier Puentes (he/him)
Resource Development

Senior Vice President - Wells Fargo Bank

Robb Whittlef (he/him)
Resource Development

CEO - Historic Studio

Natalie Sofer (She/Her)
Resource Development

Owner- Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

Jordan Held (he/him)
Program Development

Center for Trans Youth Health and Development

Mark Moralez (He/Him)
Resource Development

CEO -Printing Palace

Sal Johnston (he/him)
Resource Development

Vice President for Academic Affairs & Dean of Faculty Associate Professor Department of Sociology


Margot Anderson (she/her)

Founder / CEO

Sofia Varona (she/her)

Bilingual Outreach Coordinator

Lisa Hardiman (she/her)

Volunteer Administrator

Lorenzo Diaz (he/him)
(Kidney Bean)

Program Director
Camp Laurel

Cris Cardenas (he/him)

Program Director
Camp Mulberry

Kaylie Murphy (she/her)
(Love Bug)

Head Counselor - Camp Mulberry

Georgette Washington (she/her)

Head Counselor
Camp Laurel

Chelsea Alvarez (she/her)

Head Counselor - Camp Laurel

Daniel Tadeo (he/him)

Head Counselor - Camp Laurel

Janelle Vos (she/her)

Head Counselor - Camp Mulberry

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