Transgender / Gender Diverse Programs

Camp Programs

  • Virtual Camper Meet Ups

    In light of recent events and social distancing, we have chosen to continue to spread the Camp Laurel Spirit via online video support groups on Zoom. These will be held bi-weekly for current and new transgender and gender diverse campers, ages 10-17, who are currently living in California. Each group will be facilitated by Camp Counselors who will lead campers in fun games and activities. Our Camp Social Worker will be on call to speak with any children who may need additional mental health support during these meet ups.

    Please contactAndrea for an online application.

  • Private Minecraft Server

    Our Camp Laurel Server will be open from 7-9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Current and new transgender and gender diverse campers, living in any state, who have their own Minecraft account are invited to join us! Youth have the option to chat via Discord while gaming and must be able to play on a computer that runs with Java. Camp Counselors will join each session as well. 

    Please contact Andrea for an online application, our Discord link, and our private server information.

  • Other Virtual Events

    Camp Laurel will host game nights and other activities virtually for transgender and gender diverse youth across the country. These events will create a safe, fun environment for youth searching for connection and community. Join us for Trivia, BINGO, Virtual Escape Rooms, and more! 

  • Please contact Andrea if your child is interested in participating.

  • Family Camp

    Family Camp is based on the belief that families play an essential role in the emotional, physical and social development of children. This program focuses on strengthening the family unit, while creating an environment that helps to foster peer support groups. Parents and siblings will learn how to best support their transgender/gender diverse family members while also learning how to build healthy communication and trust. Here our families are free to experience all that camps have to offer in a safe and supportive environment! 

    For more information on on Family Camp, contact our Bilingual Outreach Coordinator Andrea or call 626-683-0800.