January 2016

Spring Family Camp

We are excited to announce that our 2016 Family Camp will be occurring May 6 – 8 (Friday – Sunday).  We have heard time and time again that the parents want a warmer camp (hence the date change) and a more “retreat-like” setting. Well … WE HEARD YOU! This Spring our Family Camp will be at a BRAND NEW SITE! Thats right, we will be hosting our first ever Family Camp program at the gorgeous Camp Stevens, located in the mountains of San Diego County.

We are incredibly excited for this brand new venture and know that you will be too. Our CEO, Margot  Anderson, explored the facilities of Camp Stevens late last year and took a ton of pictures, specifically to share with you. So prepare to get excited about this new site through a quick picture tour. Lets get going!



One of the things that drew us to Camp Stevens immediately was its beautiful grounds and comfortable facilities.

Camp Stevens

This beautiful retreat-like camp will be more comfortable for our parents.  The facilities will give the parents a more relaxed setting, one that will help facilitate the formation of important support groups.


The dining room is not only AWESOME, but the food is too!  Organic farming on site will teach both the children and parents how the importance of good food choices can be healthy and taste GREAT!

We also fell in love with the cozy meeting rooms and indoor programming space!  The parents now can sit by a fire, sip on tea and coffee, and munch on popcorn while participating in important discussions facilitated by our volunteer social workers.


The comfortable cabins didn’t hurt either!


Plus, how neat would sleeping in a fully equipped yurt be?!


We saw at Jameson Ranch Camp this summer how great organic, homegrown food can taste while you’re up at camp. Camp Stevens, as mentioned, grows a lot of the food we will be eating on site, and additionally offers cooking classes! Now we can all learn how to cook healthy food that tastes GREAT.



Just like summer camp … we will pick fresh eggs for breakfast!


Best part of all (in our opinion) is that Camp Stevens offers all these amazing amenities and STILL has all the fun camp activities that we know and love here at Camp Laurel.


High and Low Ropes

Climbing Wall


Swimming Pool

We could not be more delighted with this campsite and wish that we were at camp already so we can experience it all in person! Spring Family Camp is definitely going to be a program to remember – we hope to see you all there! So save the date and please join us May 6 – 8 for Spring Family Camp 2016!

Check out our video of Spring Camp and other 2016 programs!

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 9.20.12 AM


Margot AndersonSpring Family Camp
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January Donor Spotlight – Angel Flight West!

Angel Flight West has been a wonderful support to The Laurel Foundation for many years, providing free flights to Camp Laurel for our at-risk campers!

Angel Flight West is a non-profit organization of volunteer private pilots who provide free air transportation for families affected by life-threatening illnesses. Angel Flight West’s volunteer pilots donate their time, aircraft, and fuel costs to provide transportation to and from Camp Laurel for campers that otherwise would not be able to participate. In the past two years alone, Angel Flight West has provided 160 flights to the children, youth and families affected by HIV/AIDS served by The Laurel Foundation!


We cannot be more grateful for our partnership with Angel Flight West! Its only thanks to the dedication of their staff and amazing volunteer pilots that many of our families are able to participate in our Camp Laurel programs and able to access the vital educational and support services that camp provides.

Ashley Mia

See all of the great work Angel Flight West does for children and individuals affected by life threatening illnesses by visiting their website, www.angelflightwest.org or following them on Facebook. What an amazing organization!

Margot AndersonJanuary Donor Spotlight – Angel Flight West!
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