February 2021

2021 Volunteer of the Year!

The Laurel Foundation proudly presents our 2021 Volunteer of the Year:


The Laurel Foundation would like to extend a huge CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU to our 2021 Volunteer Of The Year – RENEGADE! We first met Renegade in 2017 when we partnered with a student run organization at UCLA known as the Pediatrics AIDS Coalition (PAC). He brought such positivity and energy to every event he attended and the kids were drawn to his friendly nature. Renegade is always ready to lend a helping hand to campers and fellow volunteers to ensure everyone feels included!

Part of our goal is to ensure the professional and personal growth of campers and our volunteers. Renegade applied to intern with us despite a busy schedule at school and worked over 10 hours a week with us. Whether it was helping plan events, recruit new campers and volunteers, help raise money for events, Renegade was always ready and eager to step up and help out! We asked Renegade to share about his journey with us: “My experiences with Camp Laurel have taught me so many lessons that it is hard to keep track. Though in a time when it’s easy to feel disconnected from others, Camp has shown me the value behind breaking down my boundaries and embracing my sillier side to build trust and rapport with those around me. Never have I felt more like myself then when I’m surrounded by our Camp community, and I couldn’t be more grateful for such a feeling.”

“Given all The Laurel Foundation has provided me, including the bonds formed with campers, volunteers, and staff, I always feel more than eager to return to each camp!”

Thank you Renegade for the endless love and bright spirit you bring to every event you attend. We are thrilled to have Renegade return to his second camp this year as a Head Counselor, a role dedicated to counselors that support and help lead all counselors to ensure a great camp experience! We greatly appreciate your commitment to serving all of our at-risk youth and their families! Congratulations Renegade!

Margot Anderson2021 Volunteer of the Year!
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